Nice to meet you.

I'm a UX & product designer who's passionate about translating user and stakeholder needs into empathetic, thorough, and impactful solutions.

In my design process, I strive to find optimal design choices to increase both the short and long-term impact of a product. I also love collaborating with users, teammates, and stakeholders to “design with” instead of “design for” people. I bring an empathetic, collaborative spirit to a team, and I believe that strong teamwork creates impactful and high-quality work!

I'm currently based in San Francisco, CA and originally from Vancouver, Canada. I completed my BFA in Human-Computer Interaction (with High Distinction) at California College of the Arts.

When I'm not working...

⛷ I love to ski! I started learning in 2019 and can finally feel comfortable on blue runs.

✍️ I have a minor in Visual Culture Studies and I'm interested in learning how visual culture and art history inform our modern, digital world. I occasionally write about these topics.

🧸 I enjoy crocheting amigurumi and I'm always happy to chat about it!