I'm an interaction designer. I approach design with empathy, precision, and most importantly, collaboration.

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Anti-Defamation League: Social Pattern Library

Design patterns | UI Design | Social media research

To Re-meme or not to Re-meme?

UX research | Systems design | Social media research


Product design | Graphic design | Social media management

I recovered from Covid, so why am I still sick?

UX research | Systems design

Passion projects


Game design | UX design | UX research

Flix n’ Eat

Product design | UX & UI design | UX research

About me

Hey there! I'm Stella, an interaction designer.
From constantly drawing as a child to studying experimental design under a mentor in my teen years, to receiving a BFA in Interaction Design and working on numerous design agency projects, design has always been my way of connecting with others. I’m interested in how human-centered methods help us build identity, community, and a sense of belonging in a digitized world. I aspire to be a contributor and leader in human-computer interaction to invoke positive, people-first experiences with the future of technology.


🎨 I love experimenting with textiles, 3D modeling, and mixed media. You can find some of my passion projects on my Instagram. I also design amigurumi and I'm always happy to chat about it!
✍️ I'm very interested in studying visuality, scopic regimes, and art history. In particular, I'm fascinated by how they influence the development of emerging tech and the digital world. I occasionally write about these topics and pursued a minor in Visual Culture Studies in my undergrad to study these themes further.

⚙️ I really enjoy coding and see it as a creative medium. I’ve built a wifi-based, remote-controlled delivery robot named Boxie using Arduino and Javascript, as well as a 2D Unity platform game using self-taught C+.
⛷️ I love physical activities, particularly skiing and pilates! I'm always on the lookout for more ski/snowboard or workout buddies :)