We are SuperWorks


My Role

UX designer


SuperWorks founder & project lead
Graphic designer
Design researcher


Adobe XD
Adobe InDesign
Mighty Networks
Google Slides


9 months
(June 2022 - March 2023)


I worked at We are SuperWorks, a creative agency, and was part of a team to build a start-to-launch business structure, product, and brand identity for Pausology, a science-backed educational and social community for individuals experiencing menopause.


Our client was self-funded, so we worked to deliver the maximum output within budget and time considerations. As the only UX designer in our small team, we were hyper-collaborative and I took on many roles to assist in fulfilling business objectives.

My contributions

Designed the layout of Pausology’s 18-module course, printable exercises, and prototyped the hormone assessment tool.

Took on learning and building a Mighty Networks community that held all of Pausology’s products together

Providing post-launch support through designing social media and email campaign templates and content


Within the 1st month of launch:

60+ users signed up and purchased Pausology
Gained 50+ followers on Pausology’s Instagram
Pausology website

Project Outcomes

Pausology beginnings

Once our project lead and client solidified the business direction, I assisted our researcher in analyzing research insights.

My early product pitch based on research insights:

Pausology is a hollistic education and support program that helps anyone with ovaries prepare for and navigate through peri/menopause. Through self-paced video modules and community resources, people can feel supported and empowered throughout their hormonal change experience. 

I then created some early descriptors from the research insights.

Target audience descriptors:

Product descriptors:

Business descriptors:

Mapping the system

Then, I assisted the project lead in building the information architecture of Pausology.

Pausology information architecture

We then created the user flow for the hormonal stage assessment, which is part of the tools that Pausology offers.

Hormonal stage assessment user flow

Building the product

Using Adobe XD, I designed the hormonal stage assessment and delivered it to our developer. You can use the assessment below!

Hormonal stage assessment

Hormonal stage assessment design

Following our graphic designer’s style guide, I designed the layout for the 18-module course, including printable exercises corresponding to each module.

Course book design

Print-out worksheets design

We had also considered outsourcing the development of a Mighty Networks community, but I  was given an opportunity to try to learn and build the software myself to help my team save time, and the client save outsourcing costs. I’m grateful for my team and the client’s trust and was able to build the entire Mighty Networks system and implement all of Pausology’s products into the virtual hub and forum.

Mighty Networks community design


Pausology launched in February 2023 and has received amazing feedback. Our client saw over 60 sign-ups/purchases and gained over 50 followers on Instagram, all within the first month of launch.

I’m continuing to work with our client to design social media and email campaign templates and content, as well as assist in simple post-launch maintenance.

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